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June 2024 - Waitlist Only as of Jan 5

New teams, new cars, and with the 2023 change in Endurance Racing rules and you will the best of the US IMSA series battle is out with Europe's WEC teams.  



Nov 5 - 12, 2024

Waitlist Only as of November 2023

Join us on the Ama Vida as we explore the territory of Portugal's Douro River Valley.  The worlds oldest demarcated wine region! 


April 14 - 29, 2025 - discounts through end of June!

Join us on the Ama Prima as we experience the Main and Moselle rivers, and the UNESCO-designated Upper Middle Rhine Valley. This is Europe at it's most picturesque! After the cruise enjoy several nights in Heidelberg and then Stuttgart.  We will visit some of the world best transportation museums, experience factories and museums at both Mercedes and Porsche.  The cultural and culinary aspects are sure to be treats!
First 5 cabins to book before March 31, 2024 and receive a 5% cruise discount!


July 14 - 28, 2025 

Join us on the Ama Verde as we sail and experience the Danube. Journey along paths forged by conquerors, crusaders and kings through Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany. 

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July 10 - 24, 2026 

Private Group with EF Go Ahead Tours. Centuries of history sprinkled across timeless landscapes? That’s just part of Scotland and Ireland’s allure. And from the rolling expanse of the Scottish Highlands to the wild, wave-lashed Irish coast, this comprehensive tour will show you just how easily these two countries sweep visitors off their feet. Breathe in sea breezes and grassy, fresh air as you zigzag from elegant Edinburgh to the Cliffs of Moher, even popping into Northern Ireland for a spell. 

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